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1/26/2019 5:17 AM

The APARTMENT that you saw today and plan to rent tomorrow is the HOME someone saw YESTERDAY and plan to rent --TODAY--.

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  • Beautiful! #thelittlethings #lovewhereyoulive #wjm
  • Door decor on Abby Lane 🥰 #wjm #apartmentlife #doordecor
  • The new WJM sign is up and the landscaping additions are coming together around our community! We hope you love it!
  • WJM - just another beautiful sight :)
  • Pizza by the Pool was so fun! We had a ton of pizza, drinks, and music to go around. The pool was so nice on such a hot day! Thanks for everyone who made it by our event! We loved seeing you and can’t wait for our actual Annual WJM Pool Party next month! Keep an eye out on the monthly newsletter for July 2019! #thewoodsatjohnsonmill #wjm #lovewhereyoulive #residentevent
  • WJM animals love the dog park! What other ideas do you have to contribute to the pet friendly vibe here at home?
  • We love, love, love the decor our community shares with us! #wjm #lovewhereyoulive #thewoodsatjohnsonmill
  • Head our way this Saturday from 2pm-4pm for Pizza at the Pool! Food and drinks on us! #weloveWJM
  • We are still stuffed from dinner tonight. Thanks to everyone who could stop by for Taco Tuesday at the WJM clubhouse! Food is always a great reason to gather but Tacos is an even greater one! We look forward to next month’s event. Watch out for announcements in our monthly newsletter and on all of our social media pages! 😆#ilovewjm #wjmresidentevent #wjm #lovewhereyoulive #apartmentliving
  • Join us today for Taco Tuesday!!! 5pm-7pm in the Clubhouse 😁
  • Just another beautiful wreath at the 3964 bldg 😍
  • Our rose bushes are doing so much better than last year! So beautiful! :)
  • The WJM pool table got a nice facelift, this week! We made sure the table is level and sturdy, replaced the billiard cloth to this gorgeous red color, and replaced the side cushions all around the table! Arriving any day now will be brand new billiard balls and pool sticks! This is just the beginning of our Clubhouse renovation and we can’t wait until it is finished so you can can enjoy the new look and the new additions!
  • The trees on the right are 3 different shades that blend in to each other! Spring is so beautiful at The Woods at Johnson Mill 🥰
  • Another #residentevent success! #weloveourjob  #wjm #thewoods #theresnoiinteam

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